The LegiGame Barometer

The LegiGame Barometer is a half-yearly study assessing the compliance and
efficiency of player registration process of all licensed operators on the french
online gaming market.

LegiGame Barometer - June 2011

LegiGame Barometer - October 2010


LegiGame in the press


June 2011 - LegiGame Barometer


June 2011 - LegiGame Barometer


March 2010 - Reportage


March 2010 - "French e-gaming licenses: the ID idée"


February 2010 - "Jeux en ligne: Le processus d'authentification
des joueur. Quelles exigences du régulateur ?"


French online gaming law - 2010

Trucy report : Information report on the evolution of the French gambling market - 2007

Cybercriminality report : Report on the fight against cybercriminality - 25th february 2005