Transformation rate optimization

LegiGame offers gaming operators solutions to optimize their transformation rate.

As being leader of its sector by operating a dozen of online gaming operators and by editing the first
Barometer of players' registration process, LegiGame is able to offer with IntelliGame® the finest
process of the online gaming industry.

By processing the complete incoming flow in a short time with outstanding quality level and by
notifying at the right time with the relevant channel/message mix, LegiGame can boost gaming
operator's transformation rate up to 80%.

LegiGame transformation rate management leverages

Experts Team

Transformation Experts analyze and
adjust follow-up program according to
its impact on the transformation rate


IntelliGame® is the cornerstone of the
follow-up process and extracts in real time
data for analysis


Specific transformation reporting set

Cost control

Transformation rate optimization according
to operator's targeted budget